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Information !!UPDATED INFO!!

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Information !!UPDATED INFO!!

Post by Cort on Sat Oct 15, 2016 9:48 pm

1. Alpha's
Alpha's are a mated pair, they are the male and female leaders of the pack. What they say, goes. They are the most, ruthless, merciless and bloodthirsty of the whole pack. They are not afraid to brutally punish a pack member. They are allowed to have 5 litters of Pups but They cannot breed constantly only once every couple of years.

2. Beta's
They are the right hand pair to the Alpha's. They are highly trusted by the Alpha pair. When the Alpha's are absent, they are in charge. If they aren't the same level of ruthlessness, mercilessness or bloodthirstyness then they are even more. They are allowed to only have Two litters every other year.

3. Delta's
Quite the same as the Beta's. But they have a little bit more duties than the Beta's. The Delta's are the one's to keep an eye out for misbehaving members in the game and on the site. They would be the one's more so to report a member. They are also the one's to throw others in the pit for Torturing and making sure hunting parties are constant. They are allowed only Two litter's every other year.

4. Torturers
They Torture. They are more so Insane than they are bloodthirsty. They spend most of their days in the depths of the pit. They have one job. Torture the Toy's and make them pay for their wrongdoing's the only thing they cannot do no matter how tempting they must not kill the member. They are not allowed to have Pups.

5. Cannibals
They Hunt. Their job is to always be on the lookout for food and be ready to hunt. They really aren't insane, or bloodthirsty as the rest of the pack may be but they do have a cold soul. They are not allowed to have Pups.

6. Tank's
Tank's are the Warrior's of the pack. They are right alongside the Alpha's in a war. If their is no war then they join the Sword's in guarding the pack or they are allowed to enter the Pit and join alongside the Torturer's fun. They are allowed to have One litter of Pups, only in a year.

7. Bomb's
Bomb's are the Fighter's. They only join a small quarrel between rivals if there is a war going on, their job is to protect the border's of the territory alongside the Sword's. If there is no war or quarrel then they either seek combat advice from the Tank's or go into the pit for some Bloody fun. One litter of Pups, only in a year.

8. Sword's
They are the Guard's in the pack. Their days are usually spent patrolling the territory, keeping intruder's or stranger's out of the camp area. They are probably the most calm and controlled member's of the pack. They are allowed Two litter's of pups, one every other year.

9. Weakling's
They are the pups and probably the only thing that can civilize the pack, they are the most prized possession's and the most protected by the pack. Any pack member must swear to die for the life of a pup. They are not to be harmed. They are allowed to choose their rank when they are two year's old and are allowed Three litter's once every other year when they reach the age of Three.

10. The Toy's
The Toy's are the Omega's. They are locked up in the pit, tortured multiple times a day within the amount of days in the Pit given. They are not allowed to have pups until moved back up to their original rank.

11. Cat Tank's
Cat Tank's are Feline's, Bloodlust could be the only pack to allow Feline's into their pack. Under one, Condition. Cat Tanks would be used by the pack as a lethal weapon in Torturing, Fights and War's. They must have maximum strength, insanity and thirst for blood. The pack mostly looks for the stronger of the Felines, such as Lions, Panther's and Saber's. They will not accept, house cats. They must also be very willing and submissive to their Alphas.


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