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Power's List

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Power's List

Post by Cort on Sun Oct 16, 2016 2:01 pm

This is a list of Power's that are allowed to be used after a fight. Note that the only rank forbidden to use powers are the Torturer's. Weaklings are allowed to choose their power at Two year's of Age.

Defensive Powers - Destruction Powers

Fire - You can choose for you're character to breath fire or for their character to light up in flames.

Lava - When the character selects this power, they are able to turn the ground into lava under their opponent, dropping them in a pit of burning lava.

Frost - You can choose for you're character to have Frost breath or You can choose to turn the ground under you're opponent into Ice, causing them to perhaps loose balance and fall.

Plant - You're character can make the Plant and other Earth life to fight by you're side. Wrap them in a line of thorned vine's ripping them to shreds or make the earth cave in under them, the dirt burying them alive.

Offensive - Passive Power's

Healing - The character is allowed to heal him/herself after a battle if they do not die before hand.

Resurrection - Able to bring yourself or pack mate back from the dead. Only if the person has given you permission to do so. If you are going to bring yourself back, be sure you ask you're opponent if its okay, and you are not to return to the fight after being resurrected.

Invisibility - Able to turn yourself invisible to escape from a fight if you are close to death. Again, be sure to ask you're opponent if its okay and you are not to use this power as a Destructive Power, meaning you cannot attack people while invisible, only use Invisibility if you need to stealthily escape death.

Group Heal - If you leave a fight with pack-mates and you are all wounded you can choose the group heal to heal yourself and you're comrade's. Again be sure you ask permission.

Group Resurrection - Able to bring yourself and you're pack mates back from the dead. Again be sure to ask permission.

You can pick One Destructive Power and One Passive Power. Once you have chosen you're powers, use them wisely and be sure to list them in your character Biography.


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